The Newest Diet Trend - Teatox!

What is Teatox? 
Teatoxing is a new way of Detoxing your body of toxins by drinking a blend of Tea! The word Teatox was coined from two words - 1) Tea and 2) Detox! 
Teatoxing is not a radical diet where you only drink tea during the day, instead you are replacing sugary beverages, sodas and coffee with All-Natural tea which helps boost your metabolism, raise your energy and reduce your bloating
Are Teatox’s Really All-Natural?
Yes! The Teami 30 Day Teatox is a combination of two All-Natural Blends:
1) Teami Skinny
2) Teami Colon
Each of these teas are a mixture of tea leaves and herbs combined that have no added flavors, chemicals or GMO! There are no artificial ingredients in our Teatox Tea’s, therefore making them a healthy and easy choice! 
What are the Teatox Tea Benefits?
The benefits of doing a Teatox Tea program are numerous! We may not know it, but our bodies build up toxins over the years from the unhealthy, processed food we eat, to the sugary sodas we drink on a daily basis. All of those toxins remain in your body, and more specifically your Colon. Doing the Teatox Tea program helps to eliminate the toxins in your body that are preventing you from properly absorbing nutrients, which slows your digestion and effects the speed of your metabolism!
Teatox Cleansing Benefit: Boost your metabolism naturally by cleansing your body of existing toxins!
Having a slow metabolism not only makes you feel sluggish throughout the day, it also affects your weight management. A lot of people struggle with their weight but mostly, they do not know why they are not losing weight when they have started to eat healthier and exercise. Starting the 30 Day Teatox Tea Program helps purify the body from the inside out, as well as body cleansing which helps get rid of all of the blockage that is preventing one from losing weight easily!
Teatox Cleansing Benefit: Healthy and Easy Weight Management!
Don’t be embarrassed, the majority of the US population are bloated, just like you, but they don’t openly admit it. Stomach bloatis no joke. Bloating is uncomfortable, uneasy and painful. The natural ingredients in the 30 Day Teatox Tea Program are uniquely designed to target your tummy bloat and get rid of the toxins that are creating the painful bloating in the first place. Once you remove the toxins in your colon and major internal organs, you will reduce bloating easily and quickly, feeling better than you ever had before!
Teatox Cleansing Benefit: Reduce Stomach Bloating for Good!
Additional Health Benefits from our Teatox Tea Program:
  • - Boost your Metabolism
  • - Burn Stored Fat - FASTER!
  • - Suppress Appetite and Cravings Naturally
  • - Raise Energy Levels
  • - Detox your Internal Organs
  • - Reduce Stomach Bloating
  • - Improve Skin Complexion
  • - Body Cleanse Harsh Toxins
  • - Improve Digestion 

If I do a Teatox will I lose weight? 
Have you tried dieting, exercising, juicing and everything else in order to lose weight? Are you frustrated that it has not worked or that you haven’t seen the results you desired? 
We understand! We have been there too!
Yes, you truly CAN lose weight by drinking our tea every single day. It really is as easy as drinking a cup of tea daily! It really doesn’t get much easier than that!
The reason you have had a difficult time losing weight is because the toxins in your body are holding you back from this success. In order to lose weight naturally you must first remove the toxins that are in the way of achieving your body goals! The combination of the Teami Skinny and Teami Colon in our 30 Day Teatox Tea Program completely remove these toxins from your body, leaving it cleansed and ready to function properly! 
Results may vary person to person, but our average Teatox Customers may lose 8-20lbs in less than 30 days! They love the results, especially when it is not just focused around their weight. You will see an improvement in clear skin complexion, improved skin clarity, raised energy levels, boosted metabolism, cravings suppressed, reduced bloating, improved digestion and an overall feeling of a happier, healthier lifestyle! 
What is included in the 30 Day Teatox Program? 
For the best weight loss results, we highly recommend our 30 Day Teatox Program. 
This body cleansing program includes: 
1. Teami Skinny - 30 Day Supply of Loose Leaf Tea 
2. Teami Colon - 15 Colon Cleanse Tea Bags
You will drink the Teami Skinny every morning 15 minutes before breakfast in order to boost metabolism, raise energy and suppress cravings. This blend is so delicious that you will be able to completely replace your morning cup of coffee with it!
You will drink the Teami Colon every other night before bed in order to purify your body at night, while it is resting. 
Our Teami Teatox Tea Program includes instructions and a calendar to help you keep track of what Day of the Detox you are on, as well as tips on how to best drink your tea to enhance results! Download our Teami App from the App Store in order to take before and after pictures, receiving reminders and alerts on when to drink your tea and most importantly, keep track of your results while on our Teami 30 Day Teatox Program!
See the Change. Start your 30 Day Teatox!