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We love getting all of your Teami Reviews! The results are truly amazing! It is good to keep in my that results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

Reviewed on by maggie
I thank TeamiBlends over & over for there 30day pack! TeamiSkinny provides you with exactly what you need to kick start your day giving you a mass amount of energy. The TeamiColon kicks in and purifies your whole body. Both of them together makes a perfect combination!
Reviewed on by Crystal
I am so happy with this bundle, I love the way Teami Skinny acts for me every morning and through out the day and Teami Colon has done amazing job I feel I lost weight the first day, I am down 7 pounds since I got it and I will use it for life now
Reviewed on by Mel
A month ago I got the package, I wasn't fully trusting TeaMi Blends, because these kind of things never work for me. But it did! I didn't lose a lot of weight (due to my food intake though), but I lost a bunch of cm on my waist! For a full review, visit my blogpost:
Reviewed on by Karen
This is my second Teami Plan and I absolutely love it, Teami colon does exactly what I needed and I am away from sweets with teami skinny its amazing I truely see my results and will not stop
Reviewed on by Jolene
I've been dealing with weight gain since my pregnancy two years ago, I started drinking the 30 days detox on the 29th of March. I feel amazing, full of energy and I already lost 6 pounds. I am loving Teami Products!
Reviewed on by Karen
I am not a tea fan but Teami has made me one, It actually has made me lose the love handles I had in my body now Im looking better and feeling lighter Thanks Teami
Reviewed on by Nava
Ive been trying teami for the past 3 weeks, I love the way it kills my sweet cravings, I drink less coffee and have more energy, I have not been on the scale yet but i feel different,Teami Skinny flavor I love mint !!
Reviewed on by Lucilla
I started Teami 30 day detox plan 2 months ago, I was not a tea drinker at all but Teami found me I love the taste and even better the results I have lost around 2 jeans size I love it, it gives me the energy i need to do some workout and feel 100% more lighter
Reviewed on by Jamie B
I was going to say I can't tell u how happy I am with Teami, but I'm about to tell u how happy I am with Teami. LOVE! Not just a fad. Gives me natural energy. I crave sweets less! Love the colon tea. I emailed them to say ty & they replied with feelings! Not robots! Integrity is everything, Teami doesn't disappoint. I will 4EVER be in your corner.
Reviewed on by Carol
It helped with PCOS symptoms such as bloating and acne. Majority of the colon bags are pretty good with a little honey added.

I loved my experience with my Teami! The Skinny tea was delicious and gave me so much energy throughout the day. It helped to me work out more often and for longer periods of time. The Colon tea definitely did it's job. I lost 7 pounds from the detox! I will definitely order another 30 Day Detox kit. I also want to try the Relax tea. I loved the tea diffuser! It is so cute and very easy to clean. I loved the tea and the customer service is great! Thanks!
Hey TeaMi, I absolutely loved your 30 Day Detox bundle. Adding these teas to my daily life made my mornings and nights way better. It was nice knowing I was giving my body the natural cleanse it so rightfully wanted and needed. I felt energized, my face cleared up TREMENDOUSLY (I suffer from acne and ever since it cleared my face up, I don't have to use harsh chemicals on my face anymore!), and I was rarely bloated. I recommend your tea to everyone that asks me why I look so amazing all of a sudden. Your teas definitely gave me the cleanse and glow I've been looking for. Can't wait to start it again! Sincerely from a beyond satisfied customer, Stephanie (@stephanietuna)
Thank you so much! I just finished the teami and so far I love it! I think it taste great and it makes me feel great! :) Thank you for making a great product
Hi Teami Team, I just wanted to say your tea really works. I so far have lost 10lbs by working out, drinking water, and your tea giving me life. I will order my next patch very soon. Can't wait to start again!
I didn't have the chance to upload pictures of my results from my 30 day detox. But I never felt so good as when I was doing the detox. It was amazing and I saw awesome results! I will definitely be ordering more and I will be sure to get pictures the next time to upload them to instagram. Thanks so much for your amazing products and customer service! It's great to feel like a part of your communitea! :) xx
I loved the 30 day teatox, I regret not taking before and after pictures.. But I lost 10 lbs with dieting and working out consistently. I can't wait to stay another 30 day detox! Maybe after a month, I'll do one again. The tea tasted amazing also! I appreciate the check in. Thank you!
I've been using teami products for a couple of months now (skinny /detox & energy), and I am very impressed with the quality and the affect the loose  leaf tea has on my body!  ?thank you! ?evan barnett
Hi!!! Yes I just finished mi detox and the results are amazing! Here are my before and after pics! Thank you!!! 
Dear TeaMi Blends:
Your 30 Day Detox tea is AMAZING!
I'm only on day 8 but I can tell a difference in my energy level as well as my ability to properly digest food. Looking forward to seeing what day 30 looks like. The TeaMi team has been nothing but supportive throughout this journey as I have been able to communicate with people via social media sites. Will be sure to keep you posted!
Thanks, Lauren S.
I was being very impressed with excellent customer service that if received from team blends. Teas and infusers are brilliant.:)thank you very much.Highly recommended.
Hi, So far I am loving the product. I also recommended it to my best friend and she is enjoying it as well.  Betsy C.
Hi guys! My experience with Teami was a very pleased one. I noticed a significant difference in my body and my over all well being after the cleanse. I felt better overall. It was truly a great experience and even easier to stick with it than I thought. It fit right into my daily schedule without a problem. Thank you.  
Hi teami- Im responding to this email for the additional 10% off. Id like to say that your product is amazing. I have never done a detox/cleanse and I was skeptical af first but now i am a believer of the teami detox system!  You guys have been so responsive and helpful. Thank you! Kate B.
Teami, I tried the 30 day detox. I saw great results and will definitely recommend Teami to all of my friends.  Whitney C.
My experience with Teami has been an amazing so far. I feel extremely energized and have experienced a positive shift in my skin health and quality of sleep. I cannot wait to order more! Meagan.
his is the best tea i ever had ! Im in love with it !! Kat Alvarez  Food photographer/Stylist
Thanks for the code. The tea was awesome! The taste was great and definitely aided in my weightloss. Mischon Williams  A very happy customer.
Hello. ?I enjoyed my purchase. I don't think I lost much off the skinny tea but overall a good experience. The colon cleanse was particularly my favorite only thing I disliked was the constant stomach pain. I would definitely order again. 
Hi! I'm on my first week of using your skinny teami and I absolutely love it!! It tastes so good and I couldn't be happier with the purchase! I can't wait to order more of your soon as payday comes around again! Thanks for great products! (Louisa.O)
Good Morning,
I received my package in yesterday's mail! So stoked.
I'm not a tea drinker, so I had to go out and purchase a cute little tea cup for myself.
I'm on cup two this morning and can't wait to order the PROFIT blend for myself and the RELAX blend for my mom.
I've been eating better over the past couple of months and just incorporated a work out regimen about 2 weeks ago.
I'm a petite mother of 3, but I have a skinny girl pouch that I am trying to get rid of. Can't wait to post my progress on IG to share with everyone.
Thank you so much. (Legacy.L)
I must say, the Teami Sales team is absolutely wonderful. I have never experienced such quick and friendly responses from customer service! I had a shipment problem and they were not hesitant to fix it and tried many ways to figure it out. After a short amount of time, the problem was resolved and now I am ecstatic to try out my tea, and post my feedback on Instagram! Many thank to the Teami company, they are one of a kind! (Meagan.H.)
This far, I've got nothing but great things to say about TEAMI Blends 30 day detox.
I LOVE this tea.
I feel amazing! I'm not sluggish, and I'm up early trying to work out opposed to being lazy and procrastinating like I used to. I've also downloaded the Nike+ running app and I challenged my friends to 30 miles in 16 days. That motivation plus these results are keeping me going!

Not to mention, my urine is almost clear ( it's prob bc I've been cooking at home, and having SOME high carbs or fatty meats ). I've been drinking nothing but water and tea like I vowed, overall, I just feel good!

I feel like my stomach has gone down a bit too today, not saying it was protruding, but I seriously feel amazing!
My cravings for junk food have diminishedalso.

I can't wait to show you all my progress photos at the end.

Today is Wednesday, July 23rd and I began the 30 day detox on this past Sunday.
Meghan-Noelle Staton through Facebook Review (M.S)
Hi, today is day 3 of my skinny tea and I love it!!! It tastes good, gives me energy and it's healthy! I have changed my eating habits completely to all natural and organic and well as working out 6 days a week. I want to also try the detox tea as well. Can't wait to order it, just have to wait until payday ;) Thanks again for making such a great product. - Cindy.
Thanks for the email! I just started my third day and I am loving it! I can't wait to see what results will happen by day 30, I'll keep you posted. Thanks, J. Stone
To whom it may concern,

I stumbled upon Teami on someone's Instagram.

I was skeptical at first but figured, why not? I'm a tea drinker anyways so it'll replace my usual green tea.

With the honeymoon coming up and crazy work outs, I was still retaining water wright and feeling extremely bloated. I was lucky that my Teami skinny came before the honeymoon and I had a solid week to drink it.

I already have a rather clean diet (my mom being a dietician wouldn't have it any other way), within 7 days I already saw and felt a huge difference. Especially around pesky aunt Flo's visit...which visited about 3 days before honeymoon take off?

It had reduced my appetite and alertness. It has kept my bloating down. And has given me energy.

I also ordered the diffusers. One green for the hubby and a blue for me. We love them.
 down to my last few cups of my Teami skinny packet. I'm about to order the detox to even see greater results along with a purple tea infuser ! Can't wait!!

Ps. I love your Instagram and the fact that your respond to users. It makes me feel like part of a community with the same common health goal!

All my best,
Hey! I first saw your Teatox TeaMi tea advertised on @peruvianbarbiie's Instagram, and saw her hype about it and wanted in on it! I'm on day 9/30 (drinking my colon tea blend right now!) and I've noticed a huge change in my energy level. i'm not feeling anywhere near as lethargic throughout the day as I used to. I'm excited to see and experience more results. Also pretty excited to try your Profit blend!- jessica
My name is Ashley.

I'm a mother of two busy children and have a hard time taking a moment to take care of myself.
I tried Teami Blends and started the 30 day detox and have almost completed it.

First of all the taste is amazing....I'm a picky tea drinker so I was very surprised to fall in to love with it.
Second I never thought I would find anything that could replace my coffee, it has!!!

I love that I have an opportunity to get a 20% off coupon so that I can purchase the 30:7 so that I can continue to feel great with this amazing product for a few months!

Thank you so much for making a great all natural product.
G. Ashley
Dear Teami team,I have to say I have experienced the best customer service with your company. You have replied to my inquiries quickly and efficiently! You have made me feel like a valued customer! You even liked my Instagram photo. Can't wait to see some results!
I love your tea and I can't wait to start my next round of the 30day detox. You guys are awesome.
I <3 the Skinny detox!! Helps curb my appetite and less snacking!! The colon tea kept me feeling light!!
Dear Teami Staff,
Thank you so much for my products. I am almost done with my 30 day teatox and I am so sad that its coming to a end especially when I feel that I went through more skinny tea than I was supposed to. Im so upset i must end this detox in a week :( .

I am defiantly considering buying more of the skinny tea because I loved the feeling it brought to me. I love your products they are so healthy and they are just simply amazing.

I cannot wait to purchase my additional Skinny Tea and start taking that. Your products have really became a part of my daily routine and its just sad that its coming end.

I been telling everyone of my friends that are interested to give it a try and see what they think because me telling them I love it, is great but they have to see for them selves.

Thanks again Teami Staff, and you will be receiving and order from me very soon.
Have a nice night,
Asia S.